Prohibited Content

Violent or Disturbing

We prohibit the depiction of real-life graphic violence in creatives (e.g., top Snaps, Filters, Sponsored Lenses). Landing pages that depict real-life violent or disturbing imagery may do so only in a legitimate newsworthy or documentary context, only when the top Snap prepares the viewer in some way, and only if appropriately age-targeted.

For fictional violence in movie trailers, video games, etc., see the Entertainment section.

We prohibit the glorification of violence, including any glorification of self-harm, war, murder, abuse or animal abuse.

We prohibit disturbing content that may cause distress, such as graphic depictions of gore, physical afflictions, bodily fluids, and certain medical or cosmetic procedures.

We allow spooky and scary ads, but please avoid intense jump scares and audio of prolonged screaming or crying.