Prohibited Content

Deceptive Content

We are vigilant in our enforcement against fraudulent ads. Fraud includes a range of scams and deceptive marketing practices that abuse community trust or otherwise entice users to make purchases or engage in activities under misleading pretenses.

We prohibit:

  • Ads that are false or misleading, including deceptive claims, offers, functionality, or business practices.

  • Unauthorized or undisclosed sponsored content
    Promotion of fraudulent goods or services, including counterfeit documents or certificates, or counterfeit products.

  • Creating or sharing content that mimics the appearance or function of Snapchat features or formats.

  • Ads that contain deceiving calls to action, or lead to landing pages unrelated to the brand or content being advertised.

  • Cloaking, otherwise restricting landing page access, or modifications to URL content following submission in an attempt to circumvent review.

  • Ads that encourage dishonest behavior. (e.g., ads for fake IDs, plagiarism, essay writing services).

  • Non-delivery of goods, or misrepresented shipping delays or inventory constraints

  • Use of subliminal techniques

  • See also Industry Specifics: Financial products and services

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