Ads Category Requirements

Regulated Goods


Ads that promote or reference alcohol must not:

  • Target or be likely to appeal particularly to people under the legal drinking age in the territory where the ad will run.

  • Encourage or depict excessive or irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

  • Negatively portray abstinence or moderate consumption.

  • Exploit an individual who is drunk or otherwise intoxicated.

  • Glamorize alcohol, or otherwise misrepresent the effects of consuming alcohol (for example, by suggesting alcohol will improve professional, physical, or mental performance, or health), or imply that alcohol is necessary for success or social advancement

  • Associate alcohol with operating a vehicle or other activities that require a certain degree of skill or physical coordination, or with any illegal behavior.

  • Show anyone drinking who appears to be under the age of 25.

Mandatory warning labels, such as “please drink responsibly” or its local variation (if applicable) must be prominently displayed in the ad.

Snap does not permit targeting ads that promote or reference alcohol to the following countries:

  • Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lithuania, Morocco, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

Ads for alcohol products must be age targeted to at least 18+, or the applicable minimum drinking age in the country to which you are advertising:

  • Canada: 19+.

  • Japan, Thailand: 20+.

  • United States: 21+.

  • Sweden: 25+.

  • India: either 18+, 21+, or 25+ depending on the States or Union Territories being targeted.

Drugs and Tobacco

We prohibit the depiction of illegal drug use or the recreational use of pharmaceuticals.

We allow some limited ads for cannabis, CBD and related products, where legal, with appropriate targeting.

We do not allow the depiction of smoking or vaping, except in the context of public health messaging or smoking cessation.

Weapons and Explosives

We prohibit ads for the sales of weapons and explosives and related accessories. This includes firearms, ammunition, fireworks, combat knives and pepper spray.