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Content Guidelines for Recommendation Eligibility

In order to be eligible for algorithmic recommendation beyond the creator’s friends or subscribers (for example, on Stories, Spotlight, or the Map), Content must meet the additional, stricter standards described in the Content Guidelines on this page.

Where do these Content Guidelines apply?

Snapchat is primarily a visual messaging app built to help people communicate with their family and friends. But there are parts of the app where public content may reach a wider audience via algorithmic recommendations; such content is defined as Recommended Content. For example:

  • On the Stories tab, Snapchatters can view recommended content from professional media partners and popular creators.

  • On Spotlight, Snapchatters can watch content created and submitted by our community.

  • On the Map, Snapchatters can see Snaps of events, breaking news and more from around the world.

How are these Content Guidelines applied?

We enforce these Content Guidelines with moderation using a blend of technology and human review. We also provide in-app tools for Snapchatters to report content that they find objectionable. We respond to user reports quickly, and we use feedback to improve the content experience for all Snapchatters.

The guidelines for recommendation eligibility in these Content Guidelines apply equally to content from any source, be it a partner, individual creator, or an organization of any kind.

Snap's Reservation of Rights

We reserve the right to apply these Content Guidelines at our discretion and to take any action to enforce them, which may include, among other things, removing, limiting distribution, suspending, limiting promotion or age-gating your content.

Creators or Partners that violate our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service will be deemed in violation of these Content Guidelines.

Additionally, all content must comply with applicable law anywhere it’s distributed and the terms of our content agreement with you. Where we believe the foregoing has been violated, we reserve all rights to remove the offending content.

Personalization and Sensitive Content

Snapchatters represent a diverse range of ages, cultures and beliefs, and we want to provide a safe, healthy, valuable experience for all users, including those as young as 13. Recognizing that many Snapchatters may see content without actively choosing to do so, we designed these guidelines to protect Snapchatters from experiences that may be unsuitable or unwanted.

Within the pool of Recommended Content, we strive to personalize recommendations, especially for what we call “Sensitive” content. For example, Sensitive content may:

  • Depict acne treatments which may seem gross to some Snapchatters, while others may find it useful or fascinating; or

  • Feature people in swimwear in a manner that may seem sexually suggestive, depending on the context or the viewer.

While some Sensitive Content is eligible for recommendation, we may avoid recommending it to certain Snapchatters based on their age, location, preferences, or other criteria. Please note that the Sensitive criteria in these Content Guidelines should serve as a non-exhaustive list of examples. We may restrict or decline to recommend any content based on moderation history, user feedback, engagement signals, or our own editorial discretion.