Ads Category Requirements

Financial Products and Services

Ads for financial products and services must clearly and prominently disclose all applicable material terms and conditions to consumers prior to the submission of an application.

Ads for loans must disclose, among other things, APR, repayment period, fees and costs, penalties, and the contact information of the lending institution.

Ads for products intended for a limited audience should only be targeted to that audience. For example, if a credit card offer is limited to individuals over the age of 18, the offer’s ad campaign must be age targeted to 18+.

Ads for certain complex financial products, which may include cryptocurrency wallets and trading platforms, require prior approval from Snap.

Money Close up

We prohibit:

  • Get-rich-quick offers, pyramid schemes, or other deceptive or too-good-to-be true financial offers (see General Requirements: Fraud for more details).

  • Promising guaranteed financial returns on speculative investments.

  • Ads that promote particular securities or that provide or allege to provide insider tips.

  • Payday loans or predatory lending.