Ads Category Requirements

Adult Content

All ads must respect the laws and cultural norms of the targeted location, even if they are more strict than the guidelines listed on this page.

Adult content includes depictions of, or references to:

  • Sexual organs

  • Other frequently-sexualized body parts (for example: butts, breasts, legs, bare abdomens)

  • Sexual activity

We conditionally allow adult content that it is not intended to provoke sexual arousal, in these contexts:

  • References to human genitalia sexual anatomy in the context of health, personal grooming, or education.

    • Examples: menstrual products, STI testing, safer sex PSAs from reputable sources, or a trailer for a documentary about human sexual anatomy.

  • References and depictions of internal sexual organs in a health context.

    • Examples: pregnancy tests, ovulation kits, pelvic floor therapy.

  • Incidental depictions of the pelvic area, if clothed.

    • Examples: belts, compression shorts, bikini bottoms

  • Emphasis on frequently-sexualized body parts that are relevant to a non-sexualerotic product or service.

    • Examples: ads for swimwear, bare abdominal muscles in ads for exercise programs, or references to butts in an ad for a comfortable chair.

  • References to sexual activity in a health or public safety context.

    • Examples: an educational PSA about sexual consent, or positive references to sexual orientation or gender identity. 

  • Dating ads (as long as there are no references to sexual activity)

We restrict content that is sexually suggestive (i.e., intended to provoke sexual arousal, without being explicit).

Suggestive content must be age-gated 18+ (or the age of majority in the targeted location). We do not permit sexually suggestive Sponsored Lenses. Restricted sexually suggestive content includes:

  • References to sexual anatomy human genitalia or non-specific sexual activity outside of a health, grooming or educational context.

    • Examples: a movie trailer with sexual innuendo, vibrator ads that do not use graphic language or imagery to describe their purpose allude to masturbation (without graphic language), condom ads that use non-specific phrases like “getting it on.”    

  • Emphasis on frequently-sexualized body parts that are not relevant to the product or service. 

We prohibit content that is sexually explicit. This includes:

  • Sexual solicitation of any kind.

  • Depictions or graphic descriptions of genitalia in any context, exposed nipples or bare buttocks, or partially-obscured nudity.

    • Examples: a person that is naked except for body paint or emojis.

  • Depictions of, or references to specific sex acts, in any context. This includes gestures that imitate a specific sex act, with or without props. 

  • Dating ads that emphasize casual sexual encounters.

  • Sexual solicitation of any kind.

  • Adult entertainment

    • Examples: pornography, sexual live streams, strip clubs, burlesque. 

  • Non-consensual sexual material.

    • Examples: tabloids that publish leaked, private, suggestive photos

  • Depictions of, or gratuitous references to sexual violence.

    • Examples: graphic movie trailers that depict sexual assault, self-defense products that describe attempted sexual assault.