Recommendation Eligibility

Sexual Content

Not Eligible for Recommendation

Any sexual content that is prohibited in our Community Guidelines is prohibited anywhere on Snapchat. For content to be eligible for recommendation to a wider audience, it must not contain:

Nudity, sex acts, and sexual services

Our Community Guidelines allow limited non-pornographic nudity (for example, in the context of breastfeeding or medical procedures) in a user’s private Story. But the Content Guidelines prohibit all nudity, in any context, even if not photographic or realistic (for example, paintings or AI-generated images). The Community Guidelines prohibit explicit renderings of sex acts; our Content Guidelines prohibit any depiction or imitation of a sex act, even when everyone involved is fully clothed and the gesture is meant as a joke or visual innuendo. Our Community Guidelines prohibit sexual solicitation of any kind; these Content Guidelines err on the side of over-enforcement (for example, a moderately suggestive Snap that directs Snapchatters to a separate account, platform or site will be denied amplification, even if we are unable to confirm that sexual solicitation is the intent).

Sexual harassment and non-consensual sexual material

These are prohibited platform-wide in our Community Guidelines. The Content Guidelines go beyond to prohibit insensitive or potentially-demeaning sexual content, such as sexual objectification and manipulated media that sexualizes someone without their consent (for example, editing a celebrity’s appearance to exaggerate certain sexualized body parts). We also prohibit speculation about someone’s gender or sexuality (for example, “Is ___ in the closet?”) and coverage of sex crimes or sexual taboos in a lurid, sensationalized format (for example, “10 Teachers Who Married Their Students”).

Sexually explicit language

While our Community Guidelines do not prevent Snapchatters from discussing adult topics privately or on their Stories, these Content Guidelines prohibit explicit language that describes sex acts, genitalia, sex toys, sex work, or sexual taboos (for example, incest or bestiality). This includes emojis in explicitly sexual contexts. It also includes innuendos that are specific enough to refer to particular sex acts or body parts.

Overtly suggestive imagery

While our Community Guidelines do not prevent Snapchatters from sharing non-explicit, risque imagery, these Content Guidelines prohibit imagery that emphasizes frequently-sexualized body parts (for example, breasts, rear, crotch) via the camera, attire, pose or other elements in a sexually provocative way. This applies even if the individual is not nude, or even if the individual is not a real person (such as animations or drawings). This includes disembodied closeups of sexualized body parts. This also includes simulated sexual activity, such as posing in sex positions, mimicking sex acts, displaying sex toys, or interacting with objects in a sexually provocative way.

Minors in sexual situations

Our Community Guidelines strictly prohibit all forms of child sexual exploitation. These Content Guidelines additionally prohibit edge-case content that may fall short of a legal definition of child sexual exploitation or abuse material. That means we deny amplification to any content, real or fictional, about romantic or sexual relationships between adults and minors, unless the specific incident is newsworthy because of its relevance to prominent issues, individuals or institutions. Even in newsworthy instances, coverage of minors in sexual situations must not be sensationalized, suggestive or exploitative. This also includes content, real or fictional, about sexual activity between minors. We allow:

  • Content about teenagers’ sexual or gender identities, or their age-appropriate romantic relationships, as long as that content is not suggestive or explicit.

  • Coverage of sex crimes or sexual harassment, as long as the coverage is newsworthy — meaning, that it is relevant to an already-prominent issue, individual or institution.


The following is eligible for recommendation, but we may choose to limit its visibility to certain Snapchatters based on their age, location, preferences, or other criteria.

Revealing, non-nude body imagery

This means imagery that may incidentally draw attention to frequently-sexualized body parts, but where overt sexual suggestiveness is not the intent (for example, scant or tight clothing in an activity-appropriate context, such as swimwear, fitness attire, red carpet events, runway fashion).

Moderately suggestive language

This includes subtle innuendo that indicates vague sexual interest without alluding to specific sex acts or specific body parts.

Sexual health content

That is educational, focuses on safety, does not promote dangerous behavior and is suitable for Snapchatters as young as 13.

Non-suggestive sexual content

In the context of news, public interest commentary, or education (for example, art history).

Adult entertainment

Content featuring individuals who are primarily known for their work in adult entertainment.