Recommendation Eligibility

Illegal or Regulated Activities

Not Eligible for Recommendation:

Illegal or regulated activities, products or services that are prohibited in our Community Guidelines are prohibited anywhere on Snapchat. For content to be eligible for recommendation to a wider audience, it must not:

Facilitate or promote illegal activity

Such content is prohibited in our Community Guidelines, which means it is also prohibited in these Content Guidelines.

Depict tobacco, nicotine, or cannabis products or paraphernalia.

While our Community Guidelines do not prohibit Snaps of adults using these products in places where they are legal, these Content Guidelines deny amplification to such content.

Depict dangerous alcohol use

While our Community Guidelines do not prohibit Snaps of adults consuming alcohol, these Content Guidelines deny amplification to content that shows excessive or dangerous alcohol use by an adult, such as rapidly consuming large quantities of alcohol, or operating heavy machinery while intoxicated or while alcohol is present, or drinking to the point of slurred speech or loss of consciousness.

Depict real modern lethal weapons

Guns, combat knives, explosives, etc. - outside of a news, education, or sports context.

  • Historical weapons (catapults, blunderbusses, swords, etc.) are allowed.

  • Fictional weapons (cosplay props, video game weapons, etc.) are allowed.

Promote certain regulated goods or services

Our Commercial Content Policy explains how Snapchatters may share commercial content with their friends or followers, including content that requires targeting based on age or location. But in order to be eligible for recommendation, content must not promote these regulated areas:

  • Residential real estate

  • Employment opportunities

  • Gambling, real money gaming/betting, lotteries, sweepstakes

  • Unrealistic claims about potential health benefits of a product or service; any promotion of supplements, pharmaceuticals, or weight loss products

  • Loans, investments, credit, cryptocurrencies, NFTS, or any other financial products or services

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco, cannabis and their derivatives (nicotine, THC/CBD products) or paraphernalia (vapes, etc.)

  • Explosives, fireworks, pyrotechnics, demolition devices

  • Dating apps, sites or services


The following is eligible for recommendation, but we may choose to limit its visibility to certain Snapchatters based on their age, location, preferences, or other criteria.

Moderate alcohol use by adults

Moderate alcohol use by adults

Weight loss programs or techniques

Fitness content is allowed for all audiences when it focuses on strength, conditioning or mobility instead of focusing on weight loss.

Fictional references to illegal or regulated activities

For example, jokes, skits, scenes from movies or video games.

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