Recommendation Eligibility

Public Interest Content


Context matters. Some content that is newsworthy, educational, satirical, or the subject of public discourse may be allowed, even if it references or depicts things that might otherwise violate elements of our Content Guidelines. We apply editorial judgment in such cases, and we ask that you do the same. This means:

Maintain standards for accuracy

Through appropriate fact checking.

Age- and/or location-gate

In accordance with these Content Guidelines, when appropriate and available.

Avoid shocking Snapchatters

With graphic or disturbing content. When potentially-disturbing content is truly newsworthy, you must use a graphic content warning.

Political Content

Political Content is eligible for recommendation only from trusted, pre-approved Partners or Creators. This includes:

Election-related content

About candidates or parties for public office, ballot measures or referendums, political action committees, and content that urges people to vote or register to vote.

Advocacy or issue content

Concerning issues or organizations that are the subject of debate on a local, national or global level, or of public importance.

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