Recommendation Eligibility

Harassment & Bullying

Not Eligible for Recommendation:

Any harassment or bullying that is prohibited in our Community Guidelines is prohibited anywhere on Snapchat, including in private content or on a Snapchatter’s Story. For content to be eligible for recommendation to a wider audience, it must not contain:

Ambiguous attempts to embarrass or humiliate someone

Our Community Guidelines prohibit all forms of harassment and bullying, but these Content Guidelines apply a stricter standard in ambiguous cases where the intent to embarrass is uncertain (for example, a Snap of a “roast” where it’s unclear if the subject wants to be mocked on camera). This extends to demeaning or belittling language. It also includes objectifying someone based on their appearance, even if they are a public figure.

  • Note: criticizing or satirizing the words or actions of prominent public adults or organizations would not be considered harassment or bullying.
    Sexual harassment of any kind (see “Sexual Content,” above) is prohibited anywhere on Snapchat.

Invasions of privacy

Our Community Guidelines detail the types of private information that should not be shared. These Content Guidelines additionally prohibit sharing images of children, including the children of public figures, unless:

  • they are a central part of newsworthy stories

  • they are accompanying their parent or guardian at a public event

  • the content was created with the consent from a parent or legal guardian.

Wishing serious injury or death upon someone

For example, “I hope my ex crashes their new car”.

Profanity targeted at someone else

Our Community Guidelines allow self-expression that uses profanity, but these Content Guidelines prohibit coarse language or profanity directed at an individual or group, even if it is bleeped or obscured, and even if it is not as severe as hate speech or sexual explicitness.

Mean or dangerous pranks

That could cause the victim to believe they are in imminent danger of injury, death or loss.

Insensitivity regarding tragic events or topics

For example, mocking survivors of intimate partner violence.

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