Recommendation Eligibility

False or Deceptive Information

Not Eligible for Recommendation:

Any harmful false information that is prohibited in our Community Guidelines is prohibited anywhere on Snapchat. Creators and Partners are responsible for fact-checking their content. Creators and Partners are prohibited from publishing inaccurate or misleading content, whether the subject matter is serious (politics, health, tragic events) or more frivolous (entertainment gossip, hoaxes, etc.). For content to be eligible for recommendation to a wider audience, it must not contain:

Political false or unsubstantiated information

Our Community Guidelines prohibit political false information, such as erroneous information about voting, misrepresentations of a candidate’s positions or other content that undermines civic processes. There may be instances where our review teams are unable to verify whether a political claim is true, false, or potentially misleading. Ambiguous content may be allowed among friends or followers, but will not be eligible for recommendation.

Health-related false or unsubstantiated information

Such content is prohibited in our Community Guidelines, which means it is also prohibited in these Content Guidelines.

Denial of tragic events

Such content is prohibited in our Community Guidelines, which means it is also prohibited in these Content Guidelines.

Manipulated media that is false or misleading

Our Community Guidelines focus on manipulated media’s potential for harm (for example, a deep fake of a politician doing something embarrassing). Our Content Guidelines go further to deny amplification to false or misleading information even where there is no obvious risk to society. For example, clickbait tile images that use photo editing tools or AI to depict a snake the size of a bus, or that edit actors into costumes to spread completely unfounded casting rumors; these examples may not threaten civic integrity or public health, but they are misleading.

Deceptive impersonations of other people, brands or organizations

Such content is prohibited in our Community Guidelines, and these Content Guidelines go further to prohibit ambiguous or unclear impersonation. Satire, parody and commentary are allowed, but the reality of content authorship must be reasonably clear to a viewer as young as 13.

Deceptive marketing tactics of any kind

We prohibit links with excessive redirects or links that generate pop-ups or pop-unders or excessive ad load. You may not change the end destination or landing page of a link after you have displayed it in your content. Any links in your content must also comply with our Content Guidelines.

Engagement bait

This means content where the intent is not to entertain or inform the viewer, but to manipulate them to boost the Snap’s views or interactions. Engagement bait often sets up an expectation that never pays off. Here is a non-exhaustive list of examples of prohibited engagement bait:

  • A “wait for it” caption, but “it” never happens.

  • Challenges based on nonexistent Snapchat features, such as, “Snapchat won’t let you like this 10 times.”

  • Attempts to leverage likes or shares, such as, “If this gets 20,000 likes, I’ll shave my head.”

  • Attempts to trick people into re-watching or pausing a Snap via long blocks of text, brief glimpses of something, or “spot the difference” games.

  • Misleading or sensationalized headlines or Tiles, such as unfounded casting rumors, presenting a celebrity’s years-old arrest as breaking news, editing an image of someone’s body or face to imply a radical transformation, etc.

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