Snap Safety Advisory Board

Meet Snap's Safety Advisory Board Members

Snap's Safety Advisory Board is made up of 17 members. It consists of 14 professionals from traditional online safety-focused non-profits and related organizations, as well as technologists, academics, researchers, and survivors of online harms. Members are experts in combating significant online safety risks, like child sexual exploitation and abuse and lethal drugs, and have broad experience across a range of safety-related disciplines, including artificial intelligence. We are also joined by 3 Board members who are young adults and youth advocates. We selected these applicants to ensure the Board has ready-access to the all-important “youth voice” and viewpoint; to make certain a portion of the Board includes committed Snapchat users; and to seek to balance professional views with practical perspectives from a core demographic of the Snapchat community.

Below are our Safety Advisory Board Members.

Alex Holmes

Deputy CEO, The Diana Award, UK

Amanda Third

Professorial research fellow, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University, Australia

Castra Pierre

Young adult, member of USAID’s Digital Youth Council, Haiti

Ed Ternan

President, Song for Charlie, U.S.

Hany Farid

Professor of computer science, University of California, Berkeley, U.S.

Jacob Sedese

Young adult, student and part-time tech journalist, U.S.

Janice Richardson

International advisor on children’s rights and digital citizenship, Insight2Act, based in The Netherlands and focused on Europe and North Africa

Justine Atlan

Director general, eEnfance, France

Jutta Croll

Chair of the board, Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunities Foundation), Germany 

Lucy Thomas

CEO and co-founder, PROJECT ROCKIT, Australia

Maria Loodberg

Expert advisor, Friends/World Anti-Bullying Forum, Sweden

Meeri Haataja

Co-founder and CEO, Saidot

Michael Rich

Pediatrician, founder and director Digital Wellness Lab & Clinic for Interactive Media and Internet Disorders, Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, U.S.


Rapper, content creator, youth advocate, UK 

Sudhir Venkatesh

Professor, Columbia University, U.S.

Victoria Baines

Professor of IT, Gresham College, UK

Yuhyun Park

Founder and CEO, DQ Institute, Singapore