Snap and Ads

Snapchat Ads Transparency

The purpose of this page is to provide transparency about how we collect, use, and share your data with respect to ads. We also cover the Snapchat settings you can use to control how your data is used for advertising. You can find more information about our privacy practices regarding your data in our Privacy Center.

Why We Show Personalized Ads

Like most online information services, Snapchat is primarily supported by advertising. Advertisers pay a lot more to show ads to people who are more likely to be interested in them. It is not possible for us to keep Snapchat a fun, safe, and innovative online space, without charge, unless we show personalized ads.

Most people also prefer ads that are more relevant, fun, and interesting — and find irrelevant ads annoying. If you’re on your way to becoming the next top chef, ads about cookware and recipes may enhance your time on Snapchat; ads about trampolines, maybe not so much (unless you also like jumping!).

Your trust in Snap is very important to us. This is as true for advertising as it is for any other part of your experience on Snapchat. We believe personalized advertising can be a win for everyone, provided it is balanced correctly. To achieve this:

  • We explain below how ads work on Snapchat, what information we collect and use to show you ads, and the settings we provide to control which ads you see.

  • We have rigorous privacy and safety by design processes. These ensure our approach to personalized advertising on Snapchat stays balanced.

  • We don’t share everything about you with advertisers. We only allow advertisers to specify what type of user should see their ads and measure whether their ads are successful.

  • We also hold our advertisers to certain standards. We expect them to be honest about their products, services, and content, to be kind to our diverse community, and to not compromise your privacy.

We reject ads that do not meet our Advertising Policies, including where an ad is misleading, or fails to meet our community guidelines. If you spot a misleading ad, you can report it in-app using the learn more icon on the ad.