Snap and Ads

Ads Control

Controlling the Ads You See

We believe you should have meaningful control over the ads you see. To change the ads you see, please use the settings described here to:

Opt-out of Activity-Based Ads

If you do not want Snap to show you ads based on your activity on the websites and platforms of our advertisers and partners, you can opt-out.

Opt-out of Audience-Based Ads

Use this opt-out if you do not want Snap to target you with ads based on audience lists we receive from advertisers and other partners.

Opt-out of third party ad networks

Use this opt-out if you do not want third-party ad networks to serve you ads.

Opt-out of tracking (iOS users only)

If you set the privacy controls on your device running iOS 14.5 or later to not allow Snapchat to track you, we will not link your activity on third-party apps and websites collected while using that device with user or device data from Snapchat for targeted advertising or advertising measurement purposes, except on your device. However, we may link this information for advertising purposes in ways that we do not specifically identify you.

Change the ad topics you see

This setting allows you to decide whether you want to see certain types of ads about sensitive topics, like political, alcohol, or gambling ads. Some of these ads are turned off by default for users under a specific age regardless of how this setting is set.

Make changes to Lifestyle Categories

This setting allows you to change the lifestyle category inferences Snap has made about you based on your interests and activity on Snapchat. This setting also will be overridden by age gating restrictions on certain types of ads and related categories.

If you are in the EU, in addition to the controls above, you can also opt out of personalized content including advertising. You can do this by accessing the “European Union Controls” section of the Settings page.