Privacy by Product


There are a number of different Story types on Snapchat to allow you to share your moments with your preferred audience.

Currently, we offer the following Story types:

Private Story

If you just want to share a Story with a select number of Friends, use this Story.

Shared Stories

Shared Stories are stories between you and a group of other Snapchatters.

My Story - Friends

Allows you to share a Story with all your Friends. If you set your My Story Friends to be viewable by ‘Everyone’ in Settings, your My Story is considered public and will be visible to anyone.

My Story - Public

If you want your story to be public and reach a wider audience, you can submit your Story to My Story Public, and it may be featured in other parts of the app, like Discover.

Snap Map

Stories submitted to Snap Map are public, and are eligible to be displayed on the Snap Map, and off of Snapchat.

Community Stories

If you’re part of a Community on Snapchat, you can submit to the Community Story. This content is also considered public, and is viewable by community members.

BFF Story

Use this Story type if you just want to share your Story with your Best Friends only.

Keep in Mind

  • Most Stories are set to delete after 24 hours unless you change the settings, save the Story to your Public Profile, or you or a Friend saves it in Chat. Once you’ve posted a Story, your Friends and others can interact with them. For example, they may use the same Lens you used, remix the Snap, or share with friends and others.

  • Anyone can take a screenshot or record a Story!