Privacy by Product


Spectacles are sunglasses that capture your world, the way you see it.

Just press the button to save the moment, in the moment — without having a phone get in the way. We specifically made Spectacles sunglasses because they’re meant to be used when you’re out in the world — whether you’re on an adventure or just going about your day.

Whenever you take a photo or video with Spectacles, LEDs will light up to let your friends know that you’re taking a Snap or recording a video.

Our Community Guidelines have always asked Snapchatters to be thoughtful and respect people’s privacy — and that same philosophy applies to Spectacles, down to their design!

We are constantly innovating Spectacles — different generations have their own unique and exciting features. The new Spectacles overlay immersive Lenses on the world around you and incorporate some of the Scan features described below.