Updating our Advertising in Europe and the UK

July 24, 2023

Snapchat is a core communication platform for many young people, and we take our responsibility to our younger community seriously. Privacy, safety, and transparency have always been core to how we operate our platform, and we already have a number of safeguards in place to protect teenage Snapchatters.

Starting on August 14, as part of our compliance program with the European Digital Services Act (DSA) and relevant UK regulations, we will be implementing changes to the way we show ads to Snapchatters under the age of 18 in the EU and UK. As a result, most targeting and optimization tools for advertisers will no longer be available for personalizing ads to these teen Snapchatters. These changes are part of our continued commitment to the safety and privacy of teens across our platform.

We will also begin offering Snapchatters 18+ in the EU and UK a new level of transparency and control over their personalized Snapchat ad experience. Tapping the “why am I seeing this ad” disclosure on an ad will bring up more details and insight into why that specific ad was shown to them, and these Snapchatters will also be able to control personalization of ads shown to them. Also, all Snapchatters in the EU will soon have the option to control personalization of organic content they see.

In addition, we are building a transparency center for ads shown in the EU that will give access to ads data that will be searchable by campaign date and advertiser.

Privacy has always been a core tenet of Snapchat, and with these changes, we are furthering our commitment to providing a privacy-centric place for people to connect, express themselves visually, and have fun together.

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