Data Privacy Day: Our Ongoing Commitment to Privacy and Account Security

January 26, 2024

Privacy has always been core to how Snap operates, and our approach to privacy is simple: Be upfront, offer choices, and never forget that our community comes first. Since day one, Snapchat has focused on helping people connect with their close friends through private conversation, which we know helps Snapchatters feel more comfortable expressing themselves.

In honor of Data Privacy Day, we’re excited to share our updated Privacy Policy, highlight our resources for parents, and provide tips on account security.

We’ve rewritten our Privacy Policy in an effort to be more clear and transparent about how we collect and use Snapchatter data. We believe that privacy policies should be easy to read and understand for everyone – teens and adults alike. That’s why we avoid complex jargon, provide definitions where technical terms are necessary, and show summaries at the top of each section. We want to make control over personal data – like how to access, download, and delete it – easily accessible, which is why our Privacy Policy now leads with the many ways Snapchatters can control their information. Give it a read! 

Another great resource for privacy information is our Privacy and Safety Hub – our one-stop shop that allows people to easily digest our policies, resources, and tools, better understand how we work to safeguard Snapchatters’ personal data, and learn what they can do to protect themselves. Parents can visit our dedicated parents-focused website to view resources including our Parents Guide to Snapchat and learn how to enable Family Center, our parental control tool. Soon, the Privacy and Safety Hub will be directly accessible via the My AI profile page, and as of this year, parents can also disable My AI in Family Center. 

We’ve also recently launched a number of resources dedicated to account security, which is a critical piece of user privacy. This week, we rolled out a dedicated page on our Privacy and Safety Hub that provides our community with tips on privacy through security, a Safety Snapshot episode with instructions on how to verify your email and phone number on Snapchat, and a bespoke Data Privacy Day Lens with security tips built in. The Lens, co-created with leading privacy organization Future Privacy Forum (FPF), gives Snapchatters best practices to protect their privacy online.

Take a moment to review your settings today, bolster your account security, and share our privacy Lens and Stickers with your close friends and family! 

Happy Data Privacy Day!

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