Our Transparency Report for the First Half of 2023

25 October 2023

Today, we are releasing our latest Transparency Report, which covers the first half of 2023. 

Our mission is to empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together. The safety and well-being of our community are essential to helping Snapchatters feel comfortable doing each of those things. Our semi-annual transparency reports are an important tool to hold ourselves accountable and share information and updates on our efforts to combat violating content and accounts on our platform.

As with every transparency report, we have worked to make improvements so that this report better serves our community and key stakeholders. In this report, we've added several new data points, some specifically related to the European Digital Services Act, including: 

Account Appeals

We've added information regarding our initial rollout of account appeals. Account appeals allow Snapchatters locked out of their account to regain access if our moderation team determines an error was made in the initial decision. We will further build upon this section with appeals across more categories in future transparency reports.

Advertising Moderation Actions

We are expanding the transparency of our advertising moderation efforts for content in the European Union. In addition to the release of our Snapchat Ads Gallery (specific to the EU), we now present takedown numbers of ads from Snapchat. In our Transparency Report, we've outlined the total number of ads which were reported to Snapchat and the total number of ads we removed from the platform for violating our Community Guidelines.

Digital Services Act Transparency

We've updated our European Union page, which was first added this summer to comply with our DSA obligations, with additional information and insights into our moderation practices and EU-relevant information. For example, we've added detail on the languages our moderators support when reviewing content. We've provided further details on our automated content moderation tools, content moderation safeguards, and average monthly active recipients of our Snapchat app in the EU, among others.

Explainer Guide and Glossary

As our main objective with these reports is to give stakeholders a wealth of information, we know our transparency reports can be very long. To make this easier, we have continued to include "A Guide to Snap's Transparency Reports" and expanded a glossary to include more information and explainers about our Community Guidelines. This information allows parents, caregivers, members of our community, and other stakeholders to understand better how to interpret transparency reports, including what each category of content means, and to easily compare what's new to our previous reports. Now, if people want to explore further than the quick definition in the report, they can quickly dive deeper by clicking for more information.

We remain committed to earning and keeping our communities' and stakeholders' trust. We will continue working to help keep our community safe, report on our progress, and hold ourselves accountable.

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