Privacy Through Security

It’s hard to have a sense of privacy if you don’t also feel safe and secure. That’s why Snapchat provides you with features like Login Verification (a form of two-factor authentication) to help secure your account, and that’s why we take considerable efforts to secure our own infrastructure. But there are also a few extra steps you can take to keep your Snapchat account more secure:

Use a Secure Password

Pick a long, complex, and unique password, which will help prevent bad actors from guessing your password or using lists of compromised passwords to access your account. To help make sure your account is secure, try flexing your creative muscles to come up with a long password sentence like “I l0ve gr@ndma’s gingerbread c00kies!” (using letters, numbers, and special symbols) — and no, “Password123” isn’t going to fool anyone. If you have trouble remembering passwords, consider using a password manager to generate secure passwords that you don’t have to memorize! Whatever your method, remember: never share your password with anyone.

Use Login Verification

Turn on Login Verification. This is an important feature that uses two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security. Using Login Verification may help prevent someone who has obtained (or guessed) your password from accessing your account.

Verify Your Phone Number & Email Address

Make sure you add your phone number and email address to your account — that way we have more than one way to reach you. This is especially important if you change your phone number or lose access to your email account. Go here for instructions on how to verify your phone number and email.

Don’t Use Unauthorized Third-Party Apps

Don’t use unauthorized third-party apps. Unauthorized third-party applications and plugins (or tweaks) are created by software developers not affiliated with Snapchat and often claim to add additional features or functionality to Snapchat. But, these unauthorized third-party apps and plugins are not supported or permitted by Snapchat because they can sometimes compromise the security of your and other Snapchatters’ accounts. To be safe, only use the official Snapchat application or authorized third-party apps and plugins.

More Tips To Keep Your Account Secure

You are the best line of defense against bad actors! Here are more tips to help keep your account secure:

  • Don’t add a phone number or email address to your Snapchat account that isn’t yours. Doing so could give others access to your account. If anyone asks you to add their phone number or email address to your account, let us know.

  • Don’t log into Snapchat on someone else’s device. If you do this, you could give them access to your account. If you do log in on a device that isn’t yours, always remember to log out afterwards!

  • Add a strong passcode or passphrase to your mobile device or, better yet, use biometric authentication that uses your fingerprint or face to unlock your device. If you don’t have these additional controls in place and your device is lost, stolen, or left unattended, someone may be able to access the contents of your Snapchat account.

  • Watch out for suspicious messages, especially those that try to get you to click on questionable links — they could lead to malicious websites or trick you into entering your password. Think before you click!

For more tips on staying safe on Snapchat, go here and subscribe to Safety Snapshot.