Learn more about how Snap is supporting the Department of Homeland Security's Know2Protect awareness campaign here.

Privacy and Safety by Design

Privacy and Safety Built In From Day One.

Opens to a Camera, Not a Feed of Content.

Snapchat is an alternative to traditional social media—a visual messaging app that helps enhance your relationship with your friends, family, and the world. That’s why Snapchat opens directly to the camera, not a content feed, and focuses on connecting people who are already friends in real life. Snapchat empowers you to express yourself and have fun with friends without the pressure to grow a following or compete for likes.

Communication that Reflects Real Life

Because messages delete by default, Snapchat reflects how you normally interact with friends face-to-face or on the phone.

Safeguards and Protections For You

We want Snapchat to be safe for everyone. We offer extra protections for young people and don’t allow unvetted content to go viral.

Leading With Our 


From day one, we’ve built products that prioritize our community’s privacy, safety, and wellbeing.

Policy Center

We created rules and policies that explain the rights and responsibilities of all members of our community.

Privacy Center

Snapchat reflects the privacy you expect in your real life relationships. See our privacy principles in action.

Safety Center

Our policies and in-app safety features help Snapchatters express themselves and safely connect with people they actually know.

Transparency Reports

We are committed to being transparent about what we’re doing to keep Snapchatters safer while respecting their privacy.